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Medvatic Your Number One Patient Centred Digital Services Partner

We aim to provide a highly secure patient-centered digital healthcare services.

Predictive recovery medicine


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Mobile app

Available as a mobile app for both iOS and Android devices, Medvatic allows practitioners to fully document each consultation, prepare treatment plans and ongoing monitoring regimes, and to connect with their patients in a streamlined, non-obtrusive manner.

Old MedConnet App Screenshot 1 - Login
Old MedConnet App Screenshot 2 - Messaging
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Old MedConnet App Sreenshot 5 - Pharmacy Dashboard

Medvatic monitoring services

Monitoring Service that Medvatic Currently Offer

Heart Rate

Heart rate sensor allows your doctor to monitor and measure your heart rate in real-time.

Blood pressure monitor

Monitoring your blood pressure using smart devices let your doctor monitor your blood pressure in your daily activity.

Blood glucose levels

Your doctor can measure glucose levels continuously in order to monitor it throughout the day and night.

Oxygen Level

monitoring oxygen level closely lets your doctors keep oxygen level within a specific range and plan a personalised asthma action plan for people with asthma.

Sleep Monitor

By tracking your movements and your motion using different smart devices as well as smartwatches or Fitbit, your doctor can monitor your sleep behaviour.


It tracks your day to day activities as well as exercise, food and sleep to help your doctor to keep monitoring your health.

Ai Brain

Ai & Machine learning

Secure by design, AI & machine learning platform
Privacy by design clouds platform
Remotely and conveniently access your scans in real time with high quality images


Admin account

Standard $130 per month
$1500 annually

Treatment plan

Standard $1 Monthly
On total active plan


Standard free

Care Team Plan

Standard $1 Monthly
On total active plan


Man in suit

Nigel Phair

Centre for Internet Safety

George Maclean

Founder & CEO

Gregory Mowle

Gregory Mowle

Chief Commercialisation Officer (CCO)

Advisory Board

Robin Eckermann is an independent consultant, specialising in telecommunications infrastructure. From 1996 to 2000, he led the development of TransACT through its incubation phase, and from 2000-2003 during the rollout of TransACT’s FTTK/VDSL network, served as the Company’s Chief Architect. Since 2003, he has been actively involved in most of the pioneering FTTP (Fibre to the Premises) initiatives in Australia, and has contributed to policy deliberations at Commonwealth, State and Local Government levels. He was a member of the 2011/2012 Regional Telecommunications Independent Review Committee, reporting to Parliament in May 2012. Robin was appointed an Adjunct Professor in network/communications technologies, business models and project management at the University of Canberra in 2005 is a Fellow of Engineers Australia.

Kevin led development of our user interface.

James is an accomplished CEO with experience across software development, retail and automotive tech industries. James founded his first software company in the late 1990s, developing quotation and customer management solutions for small retail businesses, and shifted focus in 2007 to become CEO of one of Australia’s first iPhone app development companies.

Dr Thomson arrived in Canberra in 1992, having been an ED chief and then surgical trainee, to do a further 2 years of surgical training before seeing the light (rays) and turning to Radiology. Dr Thomson has been a consultant radiologist in Canberra since 1998, and has developed recognised interests in musculoskeletal and spinal radiology, as well as expertise in musculoskeletal and spinal procedures. Dr Thomson does not accept that people need to put up with spinal pain or brachalgia / sciatica. As well as general radiology, he also participates extensively in oncological radiology, particularly with regard to therapeutic trials and their assessments. Dr Thomson is dedicated to Canberra and enjoys contributing back into our community and enjoys interacting with referring doctors to see how he can help them and their patients.

Dr Adesanya is a Senior Clinical Consultant and Fellow of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists (FRANZCP) with over 20 years of clinical and administrative experience within the Australian Health System. He collaborates with GPs, other medical specialists and health systems managers in his daily clinical practice, and is a passionate advocate for clinical quality and excellence.

Diane joined the University of Canberra (UC) after educational, research management and teaching roles in seven countries. Diane has a master’s in educational psychology and is currently finishing a PhD in Exploring the Effects of Neoliberalism on Research Governance and Practice. From the faculty of Business Government and Law and focuses in on units which introduce research, critical thinking, logic and argument to first year degree students and teaches creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship in the management discipline and supports and mentor’s students and their start-ups and social enterprises. Diane has a research led teaching philosophy and has strong contacts with industry for research and engagement in local, national and international communities. Diane believes that quality teaching is achieved through the delivery of: student centred; engaging; adaptive; world class; innovative courses. 

Jacquie Mikhail joined MedConnet as VP of Sales and Marketing. Jacquie is an experienced Sales and Marketing professional in the Aerospace and Defence Industry. Jacquie started her career as an Oil Technologist, after she graduated with a Bachelor of Science with Honours from the University of New South Wales. She completed her Masters of Business Administration and has held various roles from business development to contract management.

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