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Medvatic is the easiest way to manage post-consultation care with your patients

Connecting their long term health outcomes with your existing consultation processes and practices. Available as a mobile app for both iOS and Android devices, Medvatic allows practitioners to fully document each consultation, prepare treatment plans and ongoing monitoring regimes, and to connect with their patients in a streamlined, non-obtrusive manner.

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smartphone with medical equipment

Treatment Plan

The heart of Medvatic is the treatment plan, where practitioners can document a recovery pathway tailored for each patient and keep track of those patients’ journey to recovery. Treatment Plans can incorporate Drug Prescriptions, Non-Drug Prescriptions and Measurement Requests.

Drug Prescriptions

Physicians can note and record the drug prescriptions incorporated into each treatment plan, with the app providing time-based reminders to the patient to take doses and fill repeats as prescribed. Medvatic can optionally be linked to external Drug reference data to provide drug information, contraindications and related details.

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Non-Drug Prescriptions

Treatment Plans are about more than just drugs – and Medvatic allows practitioners to specify any non-drug treatment they deem appropriate. Time-based reminders can be set to prompt the patient to undertake rehabilitation exercises, eat appropriately or even schedule follow-up or specialist appointments at appropriate times.

Measurement Requests

The path to recovery needs to be tracked by quantitative milestones, which Medvatic records as Measurement Requests. Practitioners can set reminders for patients to record vital signs – heart rate, blood pressure, weight and more – which become available to the practitioner instantly when recorded. Medvatic can track patient measurements against limits configured by their practitioner, with the practitioner immediately alerted if any measurements exceed those limits.

smartphone on a table
smartphone showing MedConnet app

Photos & Images

Patients and Practitioners can upload and share images through the Medvatic app – for example to scan imaging results, photograph wound healing or provide visual updates to treatment plan progress.


Medvatic provides a secure, integrated messaging system that allows patients and practitioners to continue their conversation beyond the initial consultation. For time-sensitive practices (for example walk-in, bulk billing clinics) the Messaging component can be disabled on a per-practice basis if required.


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